The Best Company Software in the World.

The best company software will help you manage all your customer details and make your and your employee’s work as easy as possible. Let us find out how an Online CRM system can help you in your work.

Why this Company Software ?

  • Convert more leads
  • High Conversion rate
  • No.1 CRM system
  • Best Accounting system
  • Efficient Report Generation
  • No BIG investment
  • Pay as you grow !! Monthly !!!
  • Complete Cloud Software
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What all you get in the Best Company CRM Software?

CRM Leads Management Software

Identify and track your leads at an increased pace. Manage and organize all your leads at a single place helping your increase the conversion rate.

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Best CRM Company Invoice Application

The Best Invoice App creates customized invoices with exact details, inclusions, exclusions, etc. Availability of 70 + templates to design your own invoices with your brand or company name.

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100% Cloud Based

The Cloud CRM software for companies is hosted and managed by the provider and not stored on the company servers making it easy to access from anywhere.

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Company Contact Management in CRM Application

Manage all types of contacts such as Customers, Suppliers, Vendors, Clients etc. associated with the necessary details, at one place making the access easy.

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Delivery/order Management

Orders are recorded and stored. Keeps a track on all your orders from the time the order was placed to the processing to the delivery of the product.

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Accurate CRM Reports

Best CRM tools generate accurate reports of the sales, lead conversion, employee performance, reviews, payments, etc. Analyses all the statistics and previous reports.

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Automated Alerts via Email

Provides email alerts such as missed followup, today’s follow up, balance payment and more. It acts as a CRM for gmail.

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Best Accounting Software for Companies

Online accounting software is to record transactions, generate reports, manage customer and vendor contacts, create purchase orders, track stock levels, bill customers, and monitor account balances.

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Customer Review Management

Sends Automated Feedback form to know the satisfaction of the customers. Organizes them based on review received to help works on them and increase the customer satisfaction.  

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Task Management

Manages effectively the tasks such as tracking leads, updating the customer via email, placing a call to the customer etc making sure the daily assigned tasks of employees are achieved.

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Appointment Fixing

Enables in fixing appointments with your customers quickly and increases the conversion rate. Simple appointment system helps in reducing the efforts thereby increasing sales of your company.

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Manage all Payments

The Best CRM Application manages customer & supplier payments securely and swiftly, updates customers about due dates, tracks payment and allows you to not miss any due date.

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  • NO Installation required
  • NO Setup Required
  • NO Risk
  • NO Manual Work
  • NO manual Follow-up
  • NO BIG Investment
  • NO Long term commitment
  • NO Waiting time.
  • NO additional Software
  • NO Server /Hardware Investment











Accurate CRM Reports in the Best Company Software

Tracks the leads, quotations, invoices, profit etc and maintains a detailed report about the status. It not only helps in the business tracking but also the employee tracking helping the business as a whole grow into an efficient one. Evaluates performance, attendance etc.

Reports are generated with accuracy which helps your company in making the best decisions.

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Create Online Invoices using the Best Company Software

Make professional online Invoices making your business unique and standout instead of the traditional printed or handwritten Invoices. Make use of 100+ templates with your own customization and send them quickly through emails.

  • Send invoices to your customer without any delay.
  • Send reminders to the customers
  • GST Billing Software included
  • Download the Invoice in PDF
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Quotations in CRM System

With an Online CRM system, your company can create attractive professional multi-currency quotations to send to customers. This not only helps in generating and tracking of the quotations but also helps in converting approved quotations into invoices and also records expenses that will be incurred in order to serve the client.

Make quotations in the currency of your client’s country, so that it can be easy for them to understand and accept your quotations.

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Delivery Alerts in CRM System

The Delivery System solves your operational hassles and meets the desired result intended. Having the advanced technological features in the CRM system will help the business to prosper in terms of smooth order delivery. It alerts the business at the time of the delivery and keeps you updated.

  • Get graphical CRM reports of all the deliveries.
  • Get real time tracking of the delivery status.
  • Get overdue delivery status to take reform actions.
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Best Accounting Software

This Online Accounting Software enables to process customer payments, vendor payments etc. Manages the expenses and profits of the business which helps in maintaining the health of the business.Generates reports of the vendor payments and the customer payments with high accuracy.

  • Manage all your expenses and payments
  • Get your receivables vs payable CRM reports
  • Keep a track of all your payments
  • Manage your profits
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Easy Task Management in the best CRM Software

The best CRM System creates tasks and assigns them to the employees. It tracks the tasks and keeps the manager updated about the progress of each employee. Helps in execution of the plans as per the team requirement.

Create a list of the daily tasks, assign to employee, tracks status, receive reminders for due tasks and reports about the progress.

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Easy HR Management with the Best CRM Software 

The HR system which will help your business reduce the time and efforts being spent on the employee needs, hiring, management etc which can be updated and evaluated quickly by the use of the HR system. It also handle all your HR-related tasks like salary rollout & management, employee data & history, employee attendance and leave management, etc. effectively.

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Handle Customer Reviews with Best CRM System

Sends Automated Feedback form to know the satisfaction of the customers. Helps in receiving necessary suggestions on what changes they need in the product which helps your business grow. Never miss out on the reviews received from the customers regarding your product and services.

  • Customize Review Questions
  • Automate Review Collection
  • Review Flow Management
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FAQs on Company Software


What is a Company Software ?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This is a platform that connects your different departments, from marketing to sales to customer service, and organizes their notes, activities, and metrics into one cohesive system. Every user has easy, direct access to the real-time client data they need. The best CRM Software helps to customize the needs of the business and integrates other software used for the business.

What features should the best company software have ?

The CRM software is now the most required software for any company in order to stay updated with the technology and the customers. The features required to make a software the best company software are as follows

  • CRM system
  • Lead Management
  • Best Accounting software
  • Online Invoice Application
  • 100% cloud based
  • Efficient Client Management System
  • HR Management
  • Task Management
  • Feedback Management

How is Accounting done in a Company Software ?

If you need more than one person to pull reports, change numbers, record new information, or otherwise use the system, you will need online accounting software. This reduces the efforts of the employees and increases productivity gradually. Accounting software that is fully integrated with other departments can reduce this cost significantly as it can automatically generate and send invoices to customers and recognize payments. The benefits of this free accounting software are fast and simple data entry, comprehensive and detailed financial reports, consolidated data, and automated record keeping. It also improves accuracy while increasing efficiency by eliminating repetitive and manual tasks.

Does a Company software help in increasing sales ?

The best CRM software helps in streamlining the entire sales cycle, which results in closing deals in your sales pipeline and helps everyone in the team to reach targets faster. Since order processing and preparing quotes is automated in CRM, sales teams are able to reduce production costs and increase sales revenue.

What does an Invoice System in a Company Software do ?

The best CRM Software makes use of the online invoicing software. It should always provide a description of the goods or services supplied, so the customer knows what they’re paying for. The invoices should be concise, but provide enough detail that your customer doesn’t need to come back with questions. The small business invoice has to be limited to a single page possible. The secret to a great invoice is to have a great template to start with. This creates clarity for the customer, enabling him to get what he wants.

Does having a Company software help my company grow ?

Yes, it does help your company grow. With the help of a the top CRM software, your company can organize things at one certain place like contacts, leads etc helping your access even more easy. The leads are followed up at a faster pace ensuring you don’t lose out on a potential customer. The automated emails are sent out in bulks which makes sure your marketing is done too. Reminders, alerts, notifications are all automated which help your company not lag, forget or postpone any task pertaining to a customer.


How to choose the best Company software?

Are you starting a new business and looking for the best CRM Software? Or do you have an established business and want to incorporate a CRM Software to automate your tedious tasks?

CRM software has now become crucial for a booming business. Irrespective of the size of your business, the best CRM Application not only reduce your manual tasks but will also improvise on managing your relationship with your customers. So, how do you decide which is the best CRM Software Solution available for your business? Well, take a look below before you make up your mind…

· Understand the company management software

Requirements of your business decide the type of CRM System you will need. It includes the tools and features of the software. The best CRM solutions not only help you in customer management but also make your job easy in creating new customers and retaining the old ones.

Here is a list of some CRM features that are applicable to all types of businesses:

  1. Invoice Software: You need to create an invoice irrespective of the type of business you are in. The more the templates the better.
  2. Client Management System: Be it your direct customers, sales partner, or your corporate clients, a good CRM software helps you manage all three.
  3. Feedback Management: Feedback is important for all businesses, be it a small, medium, or large.
  4. Account System: A simple account system to track all your expenses and payments is a feature that is a must-have for your business.
  5. CRM Automation: Apart from managing your regular tasks, aim to automate tasks like scheduling appointments, follow up reminders, payment reminders, and much more.

· Platform Deployment in Company Management Software

The deployment of the CRM software can be either On-Premise or Cloud Solution.

In the On-Premise solution, you own the software. Along with the software you also need the storage space in the form of required hardware and software and do not forget the IT personnel to maintain those. So apart from owning the server you also own a lot of responsibility to maintain it.

With the Cloud CRM Solution, you are free of all the hassle. No need for server or IT expertise. All you need to do is log into your Cloud Based CRM Solution and you are good to go. The server belongs to the vendor so no maintenance cost is involved. What more, you can access it through your various mobile devices!!!!!

· Simple CRM Interface in the Company Management software

It is very important to have a user friendly CRM Solution. A user-friendly CRM Software save the learning time and also saves the operating time.

An Online CRM Solution with a good interface, It should not irritate you, It must not slow you down, should help you quickly finish your tasks, and is intuitive.

· Cost of the CRM Tools in the Company Management Software

A business, small or large, new or established, looks to reduce the cost of operation. The cost of the software is the most crucial factor while deciding upon the best CRM solution for your business.

Generally, the CRM software vendors provide a subscription plan depending upon the no. of users and the features. No. of users might increase the subscription cost of the software exponentially.

Choose the software where the subscription cost remains the same irrespective of the no. of users and the cost changes based on the no. of users.

Try out the software with the lowest subscription cost in the market, with No Annual Maintenance Charges!!! If you are starting a new business, it’s best that you could ask for! And if you are an established business owner, well, it’s time to reduce your operating cost!!!

· CRM Features in Company Management software

So you have decided what your current business needs are… and you have narrowed down the software that you want. But did you check if it is suitable for your future needs? What if you decide to expand in the future and need extra features? Well, go for the CRM Solution that has got you covered for the future needs of your business.

Choose the one that can be easily integrated with your other software!!!

· Free CRM Demo in Company Management Software

Lastly, choose the vendor that allows you to you a free demo of the software before taking the subscription. Get hands-on experience by trying out the software in the Free Demo. These free demos offer a free full-featured trial.

You can easily switch from the Demo Version to the Paid Version for the full deployment.

inji Software, the best CRM solution available in the market fulfills all the above criteria and more. It requires no long term commitments. You can choose from various billing plans starting from the monthly one. Get your business started on the safest server available with no huge cost involved.


Outcomes achieved by the Company Software

CRM software is one of the best mediums which play a great role in helping your business succeed. There are many outcomes like having a sales boost, satisfaction of customer and saving time etc. Let us look at some of the features that help in getting great outcomes by using the best CRM software.

Reduce human work with the best Company Software

No human would want their work to be doubled up or to be more taxing. People want their work to be eased up, which would end up saving their time. This is where the CRM comes into play. Firstly it should be a simple CRM software. It should provide the necessary details and the services which would make the customer relax. Secondly, the CRM software should be advanced and accessible. When he/she is assured that their work will be taken care of, they will trust the business.

Track CRM leads using best Company Software

The Best CRM software should make the business know which individual has checked the site. This helps the business in following and connecting with the client. The requirements of the client can be comprehended to give the essential assistance. This drives the client to show enthusiasm for the business in fulfilling his/her specific need. The quicker the client is made totally mindful of the particular need, the better he/she would show expectation in their contact. This following helps the business in making offers and recommendations to the client. On the off chance that the client is fulfilled, he/she will make the buy.

CRM Tools for Appointments in best Company Software

This is one aspect the customer would have their focus on. The booking process of the business should be precise and efficient. As they are unaware of the process, the customer would be interested in knowing it. The assurance of the booking being taken care of and the ease of cancellation would definitely make the customer feel interested. The time of the customer should be saved and everything should be as promised.

CRM Reports in best Company Software

The product ought to have the option to break down the productivity of the procedures. It ought to have the option to create reports with respect to the deals made by the representatives. This would help in knowing how effective the worker is in changing over the lead. The data would help in recognizing the territories of qualities and the zones to be improved. This will expand profitability. It would likewise enable the business to redress certain angles. Along these lines, report age will assist the organization with reviewing and improve its procedures.

GST Billing Software for Payments in Best Company Software

This is one factor that the customer is concerned about the most. This might happen after he/she supposedly likes the business or the product. With the number of security issues arising, the customer would want their payments to be made safely and swiftly. The CRM should be able to manage the monetary transactions in a single place and in a secure manner. It should also be able to track every payment and keep the customer updated about the due dates.

Customer management in best Company software

It is vital to keep a note of the details of our clients. It should be accessible without difficulty in saving time and effort. They should all be made available in one place. The data of the client should be updated as soon as the changes or activities are made. This will help the business to be in easy contact and sure of the details of the customer.

These are the core features that would help in achieving excellent outcomes by using the CRM software. The best CRM application which uses all these CRM features and also a lot of additional features is the inji software. It does not just focus on being the best Sales CRM Software but also focuses on being the CRM application that focuses on customer satisfaction. It keeps the customer content by working on the feedback given. They have a well designed CRM website too with the same essential features making it easy to access from the desktops.

Company software with CRM integration vs Company software without CRM integration

Customers are the crux of a business and keeping the customer satisfied is its top most priority. So how to keep your customers satisfied and happy?

Providing the high quality products at reasonable prices is just the start of the process. The secret lies in managing an effective Customer Relationship.

In your expanding business, there are huge amount of existing customers, and the ones in pipeline are increasing by day. Currently:

  • The customers’ data is scattered over a number of spreadsheets, which is not stored corresponding to the customer. Since the data is stored in the in-house server, or in the in-house hardware in case of small businesses, it is not easily accessible.
  • You are on the way to meeting with the client and you want to catch up on their background. But guess what, the data is not accessible on your mobile device.
  • The customer wants to place the exact same order that they did the last time, so you ask them again for their requirements. It again requires the same amount of time to place the order, to process the order and to implement the order… How do you plan to retain the customer if you do not provide a better customer experience?
  • A customer sent a feedback through email regarding the previously provided service. How will you link that feedback to your customer’s database in order to keep track of his requirements in future?
  • How do you plan to prioritize and schedule the customers in pipeline?
  • And what about the payment and account management? And invoice generation?

Guess what, this is where CRM software comes into picture.

CRM robotizes your business, groups and falls the client related information and furthermore deals with the various tid-bits of the everyday action of your business.

Your business with CRM integration will bring about these changes:

1. CRM Integration and Accessibility in best Company Software

All the customer data is consolidated. The person from any department can access it. You do not need to store this information on your server or hardware.

The data is always saved on the CRM software.

It can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any of your mobile devices. You just need to log into your CRM software.

2. CRM in Best Company Software

A consolidated data of the customer means all the information of the customer on your fingertips. With the past orders, experience, feedback and requirements, you are more than equipped to provide a better customer experience.

And yes, this ensures retained customers and their loyalty.

3. Automation in Best Company Software

Do you need the suggestion to catch up with a customer, or make the installment to the provider, or you have to plan a gathering with a possibility client?

This can be taken consideration by 100% robotization gave by the top CRM Solution.

Your manual work can be diminished by 70% with you new CRM Software.

4. Management in best Company Software 

Manage various processes and departments of your business with a single solution.

Be it:

  • HR Management: Leave management, payroll system, salary revision or exit records
  • Task Management: Create and assign tasks manually
  • Account System: Customer Payment, Supplier Payment , Account report generation
  • Appointments: Schedule the appointments with client, customer or supplier
  • Order Management: Right from placing the order, to processing and delivery

and much more can be managed with a single CRM Solution.

 Don’t wait to automate.

Try the all new 100% Cloud Based inji Software, the best CRM Solution for small business available in the market

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