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The features of the best CRM software must be very simple and highly effective helping businesses to convert leads to bookings thereby increasing the conversion rate. A CRM System with efficient Salesforce tools can build a long-lasting impact on the business.

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CRM Software Features

Customize Lead Form

You can customize all the leads available. With the lead management, manage all of them at one single place to increase the sales drastically.

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Sales Automation

Automates all your sales in order to help the sales agent access the leads quickly. This increases the conversion rate.

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Lead Management

Manage all leads at one single place. All the lead information such as the appointments, add records, send quotations etc are available making the requirement understood quickly.

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Lead directly from Website

All the lead widgets are placed in pages which can be customized. The landing pages can have the lead widgets which help in driving the leads to your website.

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Lead from Ad landing Page

Lead widgets are created on Ad landing pages or websites which help them end up on your website. Such way the leads are created automatically and the manual efforts are not needed.

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Follow-up Reminder

Follow up your customer on time without missing out on any lead. The next customer follow up or meeting will be notified to you on your screen by the CRM software.

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Performance Monitoring

All your employee performance is monitored and tracked all the time. The performance is based on the assigned tasks by the manager which help in increasing the productivity of company.

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Lead History

All the leads once recorded will be stored even after the follow up, call, appointment etc in order to have an access to them at any time.

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Lead Widget

Customize your lead widget as per your vision or your website design. The leads are created in your account as soon as someone clicks or submits an enquiry.

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What makes your CRM software the best?

CRM(customer relationship management) is making use of the strategies and practices along with technology in order to know the customer and their interactions. This is for the sole purpose of increasing sales, provision of the required services, and building a healthy customer relationship. The CRM SaaS(software as a service) is something that runs on the cloud. It means that the software is not stored in the company’s servers but it is hosted and managed by the provider. The companies basically don’t require any hardware equipment to install the software. The customers can install the software and third-party providers will host and maintain the servers and databases.

The reasons to invest in online CRM software are :

1. Data management in Best CRM system

Data is the most important tool for any company. The advantage is not having countless amounts of data. The data should be arranged in a systematic manner and managed in order to work quickly which means having an efficient Customer Management Software. Suppose if the customer calls the second time to enquire about the updates, the business should be in a state of giving the information to the customer. The contacts, requirements, etc of the customer must be managed so that they feel the business is reliable.

2. Sales conversion in Best CRM system

The ultimate goal of any business is to have sales. So what would make a customer purchase the product? When the needs and requirements of the customer are met this would naturally make the customer buy the product. At the same time, maintaining a healthy relationship with the customer is the best way to increase sales. Sales CRM software helps the business in keeping the customer updated about the services. This would increase customer retention and also sales.

3. Feedback management in Best CRM system

What if a customer does not like a product or wants a change? Thankfully, we live in a generation where there is two-way communication. It is not just the business providing the service but also the customer giving feedback on it. The online CRM software helps the customer in providing their feedback for the business to work on. Customer satisfaction leads to customer retention will directly help in improving sales.

4. Task tracking in Best CRM system

This basically is related to the business on how the functioning is done. The employees must be set up of a task by the manager. It might be the number of customers, CRM leads tracked, updating a customer via email, call the customer, etc. These certainly help the employee work efficiently with reminders. When all the tasks can be tracked bit by bit it eases the work for an employee.

5. Reporting in Best CRM system

The Top CRM software will be able to analyze efficiency. It generates the best CRM reports regarding the sales made by the employees. This would help in knowing how efficient the employee is in converting the lead. The reports would help in identifying the areas of strengths and the areas to be improved. This will increase productivity. It would also help the business rectify certain aspects. Thus, report generation will help the business to review and improve.

Final Word

When you have all these features available, then it definitely is worth your investment in the CRM software. For the small and budding business, the best CRM software is the inji software which provides all the 5 features and additional ones too. The best CRM software price is generally based on factors like size, scope, and requirements of the business and inji software are available at a mere USD 49/- only for 3 users. It is hands down the best CRM software for a company that requires no setup cost, no installation, and most importantly you can try the demo before the purchase.

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