Best Accounting Software System

Businesses can process all their accounts with greater speed than manual processing and increase efficiency by automation. Accounting Software provides core accounting features with the most advanced tools being used.

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Best Accounting Software Features

Payment Processing

Faster processing of customer payments without the long-held process of banks. Make instant payment by just clicking on the button.

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Profit Management

Best Accounting Software helps to manage and track the profits of the company. It ensures the costs are kept in control and there is efficient utilization of profits.

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Send Cash Receipt to Customers

The cash receipts are automatically sent to the customers using this software as soon as the payment is made. You can even choose cash receipt formats from the template center.

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Inter Operability

The data when entered into the Online Accounting Software can be accessed by the other applications and vice versa. The advanced features save a lot of time.

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Customer Payment Report

You can generate a report for the customer payments made for any period of time for any particular product or service. It helps in analyzing the performance.

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Vendor Payment

Manage all your vendor payments by using the Accounting System which not only records but also tracks the payments. Reminds about the amount due and also the due date.

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Vendor Payment Reports

You can generate a report for the vendor payments made by the business at any period of time to ease the worry of handling vendor payments. It helps in analyzing the performance.

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Expense Management

Make use of the best accounting programs in order to manage the profits of the company by indicating the expenses to be reduced.

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Customer vs Vendor Payments

The best Accounting software helps you track and manage your customer and vendor payments in a single place.

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How important it is to have the Best Accounting software?

In the old days, maintaining the books for a business meant recording figures involving a ledger, lots of columns, and a pencil to record a business’ essential financial data. Not anymore. Today, businesses of all sizes use free accounting software to track their revenue, as well as to forecast sales and manage inventory.

Online accounting software greatly reduces the potential for human error that comes with accounting on paper, and it can allow you to access critical information in just a few keystrokes. It can assist you with picking up bits of knowledge into your business that you were unable to find in paper structure, for example, producing deals figures for the following quarter, figuring out which things are overloaded, and pinpointing your least gainful help.

However, most business owners get one only when they need to pay taxes or apply for loans.

Finding the best accounting software for small business can be a challenge. In order to choose a simple accounting software program, you need to understand some business accounting basics, take a good look at your business and its accounting needs, and assess the products available today.

Some important factors to be taken care of for selecting the best accounting software.

  1. Free Small business Accounting Software

There are new age cloud platforms providing their services along with the many offline software providers.

Cloud platforms do not require extensive setup time or storage space, and require just a working internet connection,and they can be worked upon from anywhere without the requirement of office visit. While it is not the case for offline applications

  1. CRM Data Security in Small Business Accounting Software 

If we are to choose the online platforms, we have to make sure that the providers are storing our data in a secure environment

  1. CRM Features in Small Business Accounting Software

There are a list of features that are very important for an application to have, have a look at some of them below and be sure to check if the application you choose has these features and some more as well.

  • Create invoices and customise the look and feel
  • Track expenses according to categories
  • Manage inventory, inward-outward stock movements and wastage
  • Perform bank reconciliation by importing bank transactions
  • Create purchase orders (PO) and record inventory purchases
  • Create and manage taxes
  • Record Journal Voucher  entries
  • Manage list of customers & vendors
  • View account payables & receivables
  • View Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss statement and Trial Balance reports
  • Add additional team members
  1. User Interface & Complexity in Small Business Accounting Software

Any user with or without the knowledge of finance should be able to use the application, for mid level or small companies, the owners do not have to have any financial knowledge to start a business and the easier the UI, the better the help provided to the users.

  1. Scalability in Small Business Accounting Software

The most important decision making choice for the business owners should be the scalability of the software that is being bought, if your business has got the potential and scales up at later stages, your software should be able to accommodate the increased usage, users, and other requirements that come along with scaling up of the business.

  1. Hidden costs in Small Business Accounting Software

The company should show all the costs associated with the purchase and all the costs that may come up later on should also be disclosed by the service provider and the business owner should make sure they have checked all the money sucking options that are placed in the contract to make sure they do not overpay the software service provider and make a loss.

  1. Pay attention to add-on features in Small Business Accounting Software

Additional items carry additional usefulness to a business bookkeeping application. For instance, they may permit you to get to the product distantly, acknowledge installments on the web, and incorporate the bookkeeping programming with your online business programming. There are likewise additional items that make bookkeeping programming perfect with charge programming.

Final word

When all of these are available in a CRM then it makes the best CRM for small businesses. the best example of the above-mentioned solutions is the inji software. This is an advanced software that is 100% cloud-based and 100% automated. This has many features and is also available without any setup cost, risk and commitment.

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