Best CRM Software System

 The Best CRM software provides all the high end features required to maintain the customer relationship by the service provision, generate and follow up on leads, invoices, quotations etc. It increases the productivity and also the rate of sales conversion. 

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Best CRM Software Features

100% cloud based

All your data is stored on the cloud and managed by the third party providers and not on the company servers. You can access the software from anywhere at anytime.

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Lead Management System

Generate CRM leads from landing pages, your website, etc and manage them effectively. Helps you follow up on time and convert the leads into your customers.

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Invoicing Software

You can create your express invoices using the best templates available. Customize your invoices with your business logo and themes.

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Accounting System

Online Accounting Software enables to process all the payments. Manages the expenses and the profits of the company and also generates reports with accuracy.

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Client Management

Manages all the clients and leads in a systematic and organized manner. Maintains a record of all the information at one place in order to access them easily.

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Task Management

Simple and power management system to manage all the tasks with efficiency and best results. Increases the employee performance and productivity of the team.

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HR Management

Best HR system reduces your time consumption and efforts by managing all the HR related tasks like hiring, recruitment, attendance,etc.

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Appointment Fixing

Manages to fix appointments based on the convenience of both client and business. Makes sure no overlapping is done and automatic reminders to ensure the meeting takes place.

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Feedback Management

Automated feedback forms are sent to the customer after the delivery or service provided. Collects all the review without calling or emailing for the changes to be made.

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Best Features of Top CRM Software

CRM software is a great medium that helps the business in managing the needs of the customer. The outcomes by using the best CRM software would be to have a boost in sales, customer happiness, time-saving, etc. There is very few CRM software like Inji software that have these specified features. Let us see some of the features which would help in achieving excellent outcomes by using simple CRM solution.

Top CRM tools like 100% Automation

This means Automate Leads, customer follow-up reminder, payment reminder, Tasks & much more. It cuts down all your manual work up to 70%. When the work is done automatically it increases the efficiency of the business.

Top CRM tools for lead generation 

The product should make the business know which individual has checked the site. This helps the business in following and contacting the client. The requirements of the client can be comprehended to give the essential assistance. This drives the client to show enthusiasm for the business in fulfilling his/her specific need. The quicker the client is made altogether mindful of the particular need, the better he/she would show plan in their contact. This following helps the business in making offers and proposals to the client. On the off chance that the client is fulfilled, he/she will make the buy.

Top CRM tools for invoicing

It is basically a list of goods sent or services provided, with a statement of the sum due for these. The CRM software would help them create their own invoice. The best invoicing software creates itineraries according to the services needed by the customer. The provision to customize helps in driving the customer’s interest.

Top CRM tools for Order/Delivery Management

The free accounting software for small business helps in managing the orders and the deliveries. It records the information when a product in ordered. It also sets the time when the order has to be delivered. The time is well managed by the CRM software and eases the work.

Top CRM tools for Report generation

The CRM software should be able to analyze the efficiency of the processes. It should be able to generate reports regarding the sales made by the employees. This would help in knowing how efficient the employee is in converting the lead. The information would help in identifying the areas of strengths and the areas to be improved. This will increase productivity. It would also help the business rectify certain aspects. Thus, report generation will help the company to review and improve its processes.

Top CRM tools to Manage Payments 

This is one factor that the customer is concerned about the most. This might happen after he/she supposedly likes the business or the product. With the number of security issues arising, the customer would want their payments to be made safely and swiftly. The CRM software should be able to manage the monetary transactions in a single place and in a secure manner. It should also be able to track every payment and keep the customer updated about the due dates.

Top CRM tools to manage Clients 

It is vital to keep a note of the details of our clients. It should be accessible without difficulty in saving time and effort. They should all be made available in one place. The data of the client should be updated as soon as the changes or activities are made. This will help the business to be in easy contact and sure of the details of the customer.

Top CRM tools to manage Feedback 

The most significant characteristic of the modern-day business is that it is two-way communication. It is not just delivering the services to the customer. It should also have the customer’s feedback taken to update the quality of service being provided. If the customer does not like something, they should be guaranteed the change in their problem. CRM software should be automated in such a way that it collects feedback from the customer. This would make the customer happy and be more interested in the business.

These are the core features that would help in achieving excellent outcomes by using the CRM software. The best CRM application which uses all these CRM features and also a lot of additional features is the Inji software. It does not just focus on being the best Sales CRM but also focuses on being the CRM application that focuses on customer satisfaction. It keeps the customer content by working on the feedback given. They have a well designed CRM website too with the same essential features making it easy to access from the desktops. This is the stand out among all because of the simple software being used.

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